In early September 2008, Reverend Senator James Meeks brought busloads of Chicago Public School children to New Trier High School on the North Shore to call attention to inequities in education across the State of Illinois.

Hoping to welcome the students and committed to educating themselves and others on the issue of education funding, a group of parents, teachers, clergy and community members came together in a Winnetka dining room a week before their visit.

United We Learn (UWL), the grassroots organization that was born that day, wondered why the excellent education students receive on the North Shore is out of reach for countless students across the state.  Members embarked on an inquiry into the state’s education achievement gap, interviewing experts across the state and holding three community forums attended by over 220 people.  This video shares with you what the group learned.

United We Learn supports the aim of all Illinois Public School communities to secure a high quality public school education -and brighter future – for all our children.

UWL steeering committee, from left to right– Sherry Medwin, Audrey Moy, Barb Hiller, Gail Schechter, Lali Watt, Kathy Miller, Anthony Anderson

Guiding principles:

  • The similarities that unite communities throughout Illinois are greater than the differences that divide us. We believe our hopes and dreams for our children are common ground on which we can join forces to support one another, learn from one another and work together to ensure the best possible public education for all Illinois school students.
  • We support improving the public education systems serving all Illinois students – particularly those forced to attend failing schools – in order to create a better educated workforce, a stronger statewide economy, a greater understanding and mutual respect among communities, and a more just world.
  • We recognize that funding plays a significant role in the inequities among Illinois public school systems, and welcome the opportunity to explore, learn about and understand the pros and cons of various state funding models and their implications for students across the state in hopes that this process will result in high quality systems for all students.

UWL Steering Committee:

Anthony Anderson, Belvidere IL
Barbara Hiller, Evanston IL
Sherry Medwin, Wilmette IL
Kathy Miller, Evanston IL
Audrey Moy, Wilmette IL
Gail Schechter, Skokie IL
Lali Watt, Wilmette IL

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